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The following quilts are for sale via our website. These quilts were made by the BHQG Project Warmth group.

If you would like to purchase one of these quilts or need more information, please Contact Us . Click on the links below to see a picture of each quilt.

Pineapple Quilt For Sale

The Pineapple Quilt was a guild project made for Project Warmth in 2020. The blocks were sewn by our friend, Betty McCain in Flint, MI. Joan Davis set the blocks together with borders and backing. The quilting was done by Master Quilter Rebecca Smith. The binding was applied by Marge Redman. This was a project involving many more guild members than are named. It is a masterpiece. The purchase price is $800.

     View Pineapple Quilt


Star Quilt For Sale

There is also a star quilt availabe for sale. This is in red, green, and blue with a cream background. The purchase price is $600.

       View Star Quilt