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From time to time there has been interest among guild members to explore various ideas in quilting. Currently, there is only one active special interest group. Anyone who has an idea for a new group should talk to others to assess interest. Contact the Education Committee to be added to this listing. Potential ideas are wool applique, modern quilts, EQ quilt design software, and machine embroidery. 

The Mona Lisas will meet after the Gathering at the Mall on the second Tuesday of each month. The next meeting is scheduled for January 12. Note that this meeting will be cancelled if the Gathering is cancelled. The Mona Lisa Challenge for the 2021 Quilt Show is called “Art Quilt in a Bag”.There are five items in the bag and they must all be used to create your project. You must also have three quilted layers in your project. To participate in this project,  please email the guild email ("Contact Us" on the website).